Sector / Porfolio management and advisoring

Riskco Portfolio is the only software that helps investors reach their full potential and outperform
the benchmark.

Riskco Portfolio provides:
1. New tools that greatly improve the decision taking process.

DoR® –Dynamic optimal Risk–

DoR® is a mathematical model that quantifies the level of risk on a daily, weekly or monthly basis -VaR or tracking error- that allows the investor to maximize his/her terminal wealth.

You will decide what to buy or sell, as usual!

DoR® indicates the optimal amount to invest, trade by trade!

DoR® = risk management focused straightforwardly on improving the decision taking process.


Gotrade® doesn’t tell you what to trade, but when to buy
or sell on intraday basis. Gotrade® applies the logic of the
best professional traders.

Simple things are extraordinary!

2. The “state-of-the-art” of investment management software in real time.

  • Real time risk-return Benchmarking
  • Real time Risk Management

  • Performance attribution
  • Multi-dimensional portfolio
  • Real time updates
  • Portfolio risk and individual asset risk
  • Wide range of products
  • P&L analysis of open trades
  • P&L analysis of closed trades
  • Risk limits definition
  • Trading form and corporate operations
  • Portfolio composition
  • Simulations. What if…?
  • Executive summary
  • Portfolio report
  • Portfolio warnings
  • Risk Line©